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Flamingo Marina, Costa Rica
CR 011-506-2654-5900
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Our morning and afternoon snorkel tours Snorkel Tours Include:

A four hour tour on our specially equipped catamaran with our experienced, professional and friendly crew ready to serve you onboard.
  • Guided snorkeling with modern equipment supplied and a staircase that provides safe and easy access into the ocean for all ages.
  • Sea Kayaks for those who do not wish to snorkel.
  • Delicious lunch prepared fresh on board including gourmet sandwiches, fresh fruits, snacks and sweets. Also fruit juices, soda, rum punch, beer and wine are served cold and fresh throughout the tour.
The LAZY LIZARD is one of the best Catamaran Sailing and Snorkel tours you will experience.

Your tour will start aboard our Catamaran at the Flamingo Marina giving us access to some of the most beautiful secluded beaches and snorkel locations in Costa Rica. There you will have the opportunity to experience marine wildlife such as: dolphins, whales, sea turtles, tropical fish, and manta rays. Sailing along the coastline will give you a completely different view of Costa Rica and our professional and friendly crew will make your experience on board a memorable one serving you refreshments throughout the cruise. You can take part in activities that are suitable for all ages, such as: guided snorkel tours, swimming, kayaking, and fishing.

Sailing back at sunset is the perfect end to an unforgettable Costa Rican experience.

Imagine This:
Arriving at a lush green tropical palm tree lined beach, with the sounds of gentle crashing waves filling the air. A warm breeze is whistling through the trees.
Soon after you meet the friendly crew of the "Lazy Lizard", you step aboard the catamaran for the first time. It's rock solid stable, roomy, and easy to walk around on. It may be your first time sailing, or you may be a yacht club regatta champion, but with good winds blowing, you realize, "this is gonna be a lot of fun".

With the quiet puttering of the engines, the "Lazy Lizard" pulls away from the dock and motors past the breakwater into the ocean. She is turned into the wind, and the huge mainsail is hoisted until it reaches up into the blue sky. Then the most magical thing happens... it becomes quiet! Your body begins to truly relax as you listen to the gentle sound of the water rushing past the bows. As the "Lazy Lizard" ghosts away from the shoreline, the wind freshens, fills the sails, and then the big catamaran really begins to fly. But the funny thing is even at speeds similar to a motorized boat, the boat is still stable, not rolling around, and is still easy to walk around the warm decks in your bare feet.

With a cool drink in your hand, and gaining confidence by the minute, you decide to venture out of the shady protected area aft, and move up onto the sunny bows of the boat. Two large soft sunbathing trampolines await you, and in a flash you are lying on your belly watching the clear blue ocean water, rush under your new strange hammock.

As you gaze down into the deep blue, the second magical moment of the day begins. Some dolphins have come to say hello, swim and play with the boat.

One dolphin swims swiftly to the surface within inches of your reaching fingers, then turns onto her side to look you right in the eye. She's just having a little fun.

After dozing off for a little nap watching the beautiful white sails carving circles into the blue sky, you hear the anchor splash into the secluded cove's waters. It's time for snorkeling and sea kayaking !

  • View beautiful tropical beaches.
  • Romantic spectacular sunsets.
  • Beach comb on secluded sandy beaches.
  • Many types of marine life such as dolphins, whales, giant sea turtles and sea birds.
  • Sunbathe on one of our large "bow trampolines" while watching dolphins play in the bow's wake.
  • Swim and go sea kayaking.
  • Swim or snorkel from one of 3 easy access "snorkel staircases." Snorkel equipment included.
  • Try your hand at a little sea kayaking on one of our stable, fun sea kayaks.
  • Enjoy delicious foods from Costa Rica specially prepared for you.