Boating Safety for Sailing Tours

Boating Safety Blog Infographic

Boating Safety for Sailing Tours (Infographic)

Boating Safety by Lazy Lizard Tours

Lazy Lizard Sailing Takes Boating Safety Very Serious

Our objective is to provide safe and fun sailing tours (notice how the safe part comes first). We run boating safety checksĀ on our catamarans before each tour in addition to more thorough safety inspections of the entire vessel on a regular basis. Our catamarans are all stocked with first aid, rescue, and emergency equipment that meets or exceeds the legal requirements.

We Bring the Gear

Lazy Lizard Sailing has all the safety equipment necessary to have a good time out on the ocean. We have an abundance of life jackets in various sizes, including child-sized life jackets with crotch straps. We also have all the snorkel gear you could need in adult and kid sizes for when its time to stop the boat and explore the marine life of the Pacific. All you need is some sunscreen and your swimsuit!

Our Top Safety Tips

After nearly two decades hosting sailing tours along the coast of Guanacaste, we have become experts in hosting safe sailing tours. Here are our top tips for guests on our catamaran tour, or really any sailing tour in the ocean:

  1. Make sure children have a life jacket that fits securely and always fasten the crotch strap on small children.
  2. Never board an overloaded tour boat. We know it can be inconvenient when our open tour sells out, but we are very firm with our capacity limits for safety’s sake. Request a private charter if our open tour is sold out.
  3. Try to always keep one hand free so you can hold on to the boat. This one simple tip has prevented countless bumps and bruises. The movement of the boat on the water will take you by surprise and it’s best to be ready to steady yourself.
  4. Always stay with the boat and don’t try to swim back to shore.
  5. Drink responsibly while out on the water. Note that the sun, wind, and the movement of the boat all tend to increase your level of impairment. Remember to stay hydrated and don’t drink on an empty stomach.
  6. Wear your life jacket or keep it within easy reach at all times.
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Go ahead and share this infographic with your friends on social media. You never know whose life you might save by helping them have a safe and fun sailing tour in Costa Rica.

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