Catamaran Sailing: Why Two Hulls are Better Than One

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We really love catamaran sailing. You even could say we’re catamaran fanatics! Lazy Lizard has been sailing catamarans along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica for nearly two decades. And believe it or not, we’re still just as stoked to get out on the water each day as we were back in the early aughts.

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What is a Catamaran?

Simply put, catamarans are sailboats that have more than one hull. Traditional, or monohull sailboats tend to move quite a bit in rowdy sea conditions because their stability comes from weight or ballast in the bottom of the hull.

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Cats Have Better Balance

Catamarans, however, are geometrically stabilized by a wide beam that connects two or more hulls together. This design provides a lot more stability on bumpy waters. Breezy conditions that would typically send people toppling around a monohull might not even spill your mixed drink on a catamaran.

No Sailing is Completely Smooth

This isn’t to say catamaran sailing is smooth enough for a tea party (though it’s perfect for a Rum Punch party). While it’s true that cats don’t toss things around as much, it’s impossible to avoid the bumps and dips of the water. Catamarans tend to make quick, thrusting moves that can catch you off guard if you are walking around the boat. For that reason, it’s best to keep a hand free to hold on.

Two Hulls are Better Than One

That’s our opinion, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Many experienced sailors have made the switch to catamarans and say they’ll never go back.

Modern catamaran sailing offers numerous technological advances compared to traditional sailing in a monohull. Having two hulls allows boats built for racing to sail faster than their single hulled counterparts. Two hulls also provide cruising catamarans with more space for passengers and are arguably safer for tour groups.

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