A Sailing Tour for Foodies in Costa Rica

tropical fruit on a sailing tour

There is a purity to sailing on the ocean. As the boat moves away from the marina you become immersed in the elements of nature: the bright sun above, fresh clean air all around, and water as far as the eye can see. With everything else stripped away, these pure elements of nature invite you to have a pure experience of Costa Rica. Aboard a Lazy Lizard Sailing tour, we reflect this feeling in the food we serve.

sailing tour food

Flavor: Tropical, Local, Fresh

At roughly 10 degrees from the equator, Costa Rica features an abundance of sun-ripened tropical delights. Each of our sailing tours includes tropical fruits and vegetables. They’re in our tacos, salads, fresh fruit desserts, and provide the signature flavors of our mixed drinks. 

How Tight is Your Taco?

In the morning it’s a breakfast burrito with egg and avocado. In the afternoon we serve a late lunch of smoked pork or chicken taco cones. Why cones? You’ll see once you get out on the water. And no lunch on the sea is complete without our signature rum punch.

taco cones lazy lizard sailing
Lazy Lizard's fresh served sailing tour foods

Chef Prepared Sailing Tour

It might seem excessive to have a chef prepare the food for our sailing tour, but we’re foodies at heart! We delight in serving up a seasonal menu that makes creative use of the freshest ingredients available. From our San Jose Salad to our baby croissants and homemade lemon tart, our sailing menu is the perfect blend of local and international flavors.

And that’s just our regular menu! Salmon mousse, satay chicken skewers, and ahi poke are just a few of the dishes available for special events aboard our catamarans.

Serve the Best to Your Group

When you book a private charter sailing tour for your special event, you can select from a variety of menu upgrades. Pick our top-shelf drink options for your guests along with upgraded menu options. 

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